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I am a Texas-based photographer who lives and works in Lubbock, Texas. By day, I am the Assistant Registrar at Texas Tech University, but photography is my true passion.
In January of 2019, I purchased my first professional camera, taught myself the basics and in doing so, I opened a door to a whole new way of seeing and appreciating the world around me. I realized that up until then I merely glanced and never noticed, never fully grasped nature’s beauty and its healing effect. Sitting behind a camera you understand your true place and significance in the grand scheme of things. To me, the landscape of West Texas is historical, timeless, unrelenting, and we are mere passengers on it. Whether I am photographing wildlife or a cotton stripper during harvest, it is the land and the sky that are always constant. The vastness of West Texas has captivated me for years and my camera serves as a vessel to visually tell the story of this magnificent land.



Listening to the Land

Juried Exhibit: First Place


National Juried Exhibit

Dallas Metro Contemporary Arts


Our TTU Family Abroad Photography Exhibit

Lubbock, Texas


High and Dry Photography Exhibit

Lubbock, Texas

Juried Exhibit: Honorable Mention


Texas Tech University

Bachelor of Arts

Communication Studies


Texas Tech University

Master of Arts

Interdisciplinary Studies

Concentrations in Higher Education, Communication, and Photography

Charities I support

Texas Parks and Wildlife

Your 100% tax-deductible donation to Texas Parks & Wildlife Foundation, the Department's official non-profit partner, will help make life better outside in Texas State Parks.


Texas Tech Feral Cat Coalition

The Tech Feral Cat Coalition's purpose is to maintain the feral cat colony at Texas Tech through feeding, vaccinations, and TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) programs. The organization protects the health of the campus cats by providing shelter from the elements, providing life saving veterinary care, and maintaining several feeding stations across campus year-round. Additionally, leaders of the organization helped university administrators to write an operating policy in regards to the handling of the feral cat population to ensure its safety for years to come. 


Kat's Alley Cats

The mission of Kat’s Alley Cats is to humanely, effectively, and permanently reduce the overpopulation of community cats via Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR). Community cats, otherwise known as feral, homeless, unowned, free-roaming, or alley cats, are those who are simply not adoptable by nature, through no fault of their own, yet their lives are no less valuable than those of our other furry friends. Kat’s Alley Cats is dedicated to saving and improving the lives of these community kitties by sterilizing, spaying/neutering, and vaccinating them via TNR.

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