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Into the Mist

On Black Friday of 2019, a thick blanket of fog moved into Lubbock county. I’ve been waiting for a day like this in hopes I could capture the magical feel that it exudes. I waited 30 minutes before sundown to drive out to a field that was recently harvested. The day before I noticed that there were two rows of modules waiting to be picked up. I thought it would make a pretty neat picture but couldn’t find the purpose as to why I needed that photo. Therefore, when the fog moved in, my mind immediately jumped to those modules. When I arrived at the field, there was an uneasy feeling due to the overwhelming silence. There was no wind, no cars, no sign of life. Just an empty field with two rows of cotton. I snapped the photo and headed back to the house. I didn’t want to stay out in that fog too long since it can be dangerous. When I uploaded the photos, I couldn’t help but think how haunting the photo truly was. I was told by a friend of mine that it looked peaceful, but it gave me a feeling of emptiness. As if you could walk into that cotton field, through the mist, and never return.

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