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Sunny Shower

Have you ever seen something so beautiful that it’s hard to put it into words? I have and it was this very night in November of 2019. I saw a small storm dumping water onto the fields near the Hockley County line. I “chased” this storm until I found a field full of unharvested cotton. I was so close that I could feel the wind and temperature change. The hairs on my arms stood straight up. Not because I was scared, but because I could not believe how magnificent the clouds were. I took over 300 photos in the span of 30 minutes. Different angles, laying down in the field, through cotton plants, you name it and I probably tried it. This was one of my last shots of the night. Not three minutes later, the color was gone and so was the rain. It happened so quick and I felt thankful to the camera gods who allowed me to witness such a stunning sunset.

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