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Updated: Jan 28, 2020

The Masked Rider has been the official mascot of Texas Tech University since January 1, 1954. However, the tradition of the Masked Rider is over 60 years old. The program began in the 1930's with volunteer students who would get dressed in a cape and mask and appear unexpectedly at Texas Tech home football games. Originally known as "Ghost Riders," the Masked Rider program has since become a prestigious institution and a powerful icon of Texas Tech.

In October of 2019, I had the unique opportunity to photograph Fearless Champion, Cody, and their beloved Masked Rider. The relationship that Emily, the Masked Rider, has with the horses is an incredible sight. The way both horses would look at her was endearing and it was evident that they had full trust in her care. With her reign coming to an end soon, she will have to say goodbye to not just one horse, but two. I can only imagine how emotional that will be for her. She was so gracious during this shoot and to say I am grateful would be an understatement.

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